Before and Afters


Duke, starting the Epi-Pet treatment 3-5 times daily    Duke, 1month later; much happier, not itching,
as an adjunct treatment with Demodex Mange             hair re-growth, no shedding,& smells better per owners statement



Beta had Alopecia (hair loss) for over 2 years.                  Beta, 1 month on the Epi-pet Enrich-ment spray.
She has no history as to what may have cause                  She re-grew all of her hair coat back. Her Owner stated
this. She was a shelter dog.                                                that her coat was softer, smelled better, and wasn’t shedding!



Chelsea was brought in for a grooming and               Chelsea, after 1 bath in the Epi-Pet shampoo.
the groomer found these inflamed areas with             The redness, flakiness, and itchiness dimin-ished.
hair loss. Only the Epi-Pet Shampoo was                     The owner loved the condition of the skin & coat.
used on her.



Molly, on day one has combination dry                    Molly, one week later has a noticebly softer
flaky and oily skin.                                                       coat and little to no dander.



Scout has severe dry, flaky skin with itching.   Scout, after 1 bath in the Epi-pet shampoo and one
Scout was brought in for grooming and the        treatment of the Epi-pet enrichment spray.
white flakes the owner saw on the black hair     The owner stated that he could not believe it was the same dog.                                                                     coat gave him a gray appearance. His coat glistened! 



Tabby, also has combination dry, flaky             Tabby, just a day later has a completely different coat.
and oily skin. She also had patches of
hair loss.



Tess, a Shar Pei, has combination dry & oily skin. She also           Tess, just a few days later, and the skin irritaions and swelling
had extreme hair loss and skin irritations and skin inflammation.    had gone down.