Portion Pacer

$9.00 - $11.00

Place Portion Pacer™ into food bowl. Pour the recommended amount of dog food into the bowl.



Watch and be amazed at how the Portion Pacer™ slows down how fast your dog eats and drinks from their bowls. Helps prevent vomiting, choking, and bloating. Works in any bowl and is dishwasher safe. It is made of stainless steel and available is two sizes: Small is 2 7/8" and Large is 3 1/2"




Nov 4, 2011

Spock tries out his new Portion Pacer. He used to eat his entire dinner in less than 30 seconds and would often cough or choke from eating so fast. We were concerned that he might bloat eating like this so we bought this new Portion Pacer from our friends at Nutra-9 Pet Supplies.


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