Big Dog Ball Log

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The BigDogBallLog is not just balls on a rope.  They are custom designed, one piece molded thick Natural Rubber balls that fit together like puzzle pieces.  They are 4x as thick as a tennis ball and far more pliable.  They are compressed together and secured together by 550 Paracord.  The cord is completely protected by a rubber tube that is molded to each ball.  The rubber tubing protects the cord from being chewed on.  The BigDogBallLog is made to last and endure the toughest abuse dogs can dish out.


  • The BigDogBallLog is great for fetch.
  • It is soft on gums and teeth which make it excellent for tugging.
  • It is flexible but firm and hard to puncture, this makes it great for working jaw muscles.
  • It grips and throws very well and bounces wildly.
  • The Bright orange color make it very easy to find and the smooth rubber finish make it easy to clean with warm water
  • The BigDogBallLog is a dog toy it is not a childrens toy.


The BigDogBallLog is manufactured with Natural Rubber.  Natural rubber also known as latex has allergens.  Some dogs are like some people and have or can develop allergies to Natural Rubber.  Though a rare occurance, If you notice signs of an alergic reaction, please take toy away from dog and seek vet care if needed.


Always use responsibly.  Supervise play, if you notice excesive wear (ie, pieces falling off) please discard and replace.







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