Gel-Pedic Standard Pet Bed

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The Gel-Pedic® orthopedic pet bed combines a natural nesting shape and a new patented material called GelFoam®. GelFoam® is a heat sensitive memory foam type material that custom forms to pets’ bodies, easing pressure on legs and hips. The gel helps keep pets cool in the summer by maintaining a lower ambient temperature, while the foam helps keep pets warm in the winter with dense insulation. Each Gel-Pedic® pet bed includes built-in pockets that secure the Repel-a-Flea aroma bars, made from natural eucalyptus oil, in order to help deter fleas, mites, and ticks. The Gel-Pedic® pet bed includes a machine washable, faux fur cover.

How does the Gelfoam adjust to my pets body Temperature?
The properties of the Gel-Pedic pet bed work in accordance to the laws of thermal equilibrium. When two objects are in thermal equilibrium they have reached the same temperature. During the process of reaching thermal equilibrium, heat, which is a form of energy, is transferred between the two objects. It is understood that the denser an object is, the faster the heat transfers through it. The natural properties of the Gel-Pedic bed are made from polyurethane GelFoam which is one of the densest bedding materials on the market.

Naturally a dog’s body temperature should be between 101ºF -102ºF. If the pet’s body is cold during the winter and the exterior temperature is dramatically cooler, the Gel-Pedic bed does an efficient job of insulating the pet because the cold travels slowly through the dead air space in the GelFoam cells making the bed warm.

In addition, the new gel effect of the bed keeps pets cool during the summer months. As discussed previously, the bed's skin or outer surface is very dense. When the pet’s body temperature is dramatically warmer than the bed’s skin (which is at room temperature), the GelFoam will naturally pull heat from the pet much faster than with standard bedding materials giving a cooling effect to the animal. This makes the Gel-Pedic bed a more efficient product than the standard poly-fill pet beds that are less dense.

The Natural Nesting Shape:
Naturally, your pet likes to be cradled or to sleep in a curled up position. To get this nesting position, sometimes the pet will walk in circles and paw/scratch at the ground. This is a natural instinct that animals in the wild as well as domestic animals do before lying down. In the wild, animals search for a secure location to lie down. Many times, the locations the animals choose will consist of tall brush or grass for their security. To push the grass down, they have to walk over the grass (sometimes walk in circles) or push the grass down to sleep on. After they’ve created their comfortable, den-like atmosphere, they curl up and go to sleep.

Because each bed is only 3.5 inches tall, a pet with sore joints and hip muscles can painlessly enter the bed. Other pet beds compromise the security of the 360˚ shape in order to allow the pet to enter the bed.

Can the Gel-Pedic bed help my pet's hip dysplasia?
Gel-Pedic pet beds are specially designed with premium GelFoam that provides superior comfort for aging, ailing, and arthritic suffering pets. The GelFoam molds and shapes to the contour of your pet's hips, and joints to relieve pressure that can cause pain and discomfort.


Bed Measurement
Actual Nesting Measurement
Pet's Length
17" x 13"
14" x 10"
5" - 14"
Extra Small
20" x 15"
17" x 12"
15" - 17"
24" x 19"
21" x 16"
18" - 21"
30" x 23"
27" x 20"
22" - 27"
39.5" x 30"
35.5" x 27"
28" - 35.5"

How to measure your pet's length bED
1. Make sure your pet is lying down.
2. Using a tape measure, measure your pet from nose to rump.
3. Add 2-4 inches if your pet likes to stretch out.
4. Match the pet's length to the actual nesting measurement in the chart above.

Gel-Pedic pet beds are available in Khaki Brown, Denim Blue, Pretty Pink, and Rich Red. Covers are topped with ivory faux fur.  Lush Leopard is topped with Sand soft suede and Paw Prints is topped with Chocolate soft suede. Soft suede is water and stain resistant. (Leopard and Paw print available in specialty beds only)

denim khaki pink red

Leak Liners:
Do not allow the GelFoam to get wet. If your pet suffers from incontinence, it is recommended that you purchase a Gel-Pedic Leak Liner. These dual protection liners overlay the inner portion of the Gel-Pedic pet bed to protect the liquid-sensitive GelFoam. Sold in packets of 6 liners.

• The absorbent layer (on top) absorbs liquid that leaked through the pet bed cover.
• The repellent layer (on bottom) repels any excess liquid that passes through the absorbent layer. The repellent layer is polyfiber coated which helps keep the liner from shifting.

Washing Instructions:
- Unzip the cover and remove the inner GelFoam bed
- Be sure that all of the eucalyptus packets are removed from the inner GelFoam
- DO NOT WASH BLUE GelFoam! Do not alow the GelFoam to get wet.
- Machine wash the zipped cover in cold water on delicate cycle
- Wash cover by itself to prevent discolorment of other garments

- To dry, unzip cover, spread cover open and hang up for 2-4 hours

- Place the inner blue GelFoam bed back into the cover
- When the inner blue GelFoam is inserted into the cover properly, the zipper should be aligned with the edge of the eucalyptus pocket
- The cover will lay flat as your pet begins to nest

Repel-a-flea refill instructions:
The replaceable natural eucalyptus bars in our pet beds are made from authentic eucalyptus plants. The aroma is very strong and should last at least 60-90 days. Refill replacement time may vary depending on how much use your pet bed receives.

Replace or refill more frequently if:
- You have a large pet
- Your pet is outdoors for long periods of time
- You prefer a strong eucalyptus aroma

Statement from The New England Journal of Medicine About Eucalyptus:
Eucalyptus repels insects - “Thousands of plants have been tested as potential botanical sources of insect repellent. Most plant-based insect repellents currently on the market contain essential oils from one or more of the following plants: citronella, cedar, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon grass, geranium, and soybean. Of the products we tested, the soybean-oil–based repellent was able to protect from mosquito bites for about 1.5 hours. All other botanical repellents that we tested in our initial studies, regardless of their active ingredients and formulations, gave very short-lived protection, ranging from a mean of about 3 to 20 minutes. Preliminary studies suggest that the oil-of-eucalyptus products will confer longer-lasting protection than other available plant-based repellents." -N Eng J Med, Vol 347 No 1 7/402

Helpful Hint - GelFoam and Repel-a-Flea should never be ingested.

Helpful Hint - Place your Gel-Pedic bed near the walls of your home to help create the natural den-like atmosphere.

Note: Do not allow the GelFoam to get wet. If your pet suffers from incontinence, it is recommended that you purchase a Gel-Pedic Leak Liner. These dual protection liners overlay the inner portion of the Gel-Pedic pet bed to protect the liquid-sensitive GelFoam.

Ships from manufacturer please allow 4-7 days for delivery.

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