12 Inch Jumbo Low Odor Bully Stick





Our 12" Jumbo Bully Sticks are both the thickest and heaviest that you can find! You will not find these in pet stores. We sort through our stock to choose only the biggest to be a Monster Bully Stick and will only carry them as we believe you get your moneys worth. These Bully stick come from FREE RANGE SOUTH AMERICAN CATTLE. If we do not have the quantity you are looking for, call or e-mail us and we can special order them for you.



A little about bully sticks:  There is a Difference in Quality

Bully sticks are made out of beef, and like all meat from cattle, there is a difference in the quality of the beef. The better the cattle are raised, the better the quality of the product from those cattle. Choosing bully sticks that come from quality, free-ranging cattle, like those raised in Brazil and other parts of South America, creates a superior bully stick than those produced in countries like India, China, and even the US.


Where they’re Raised Matters 

Cattle raised in countries like India, China, and the US are often raised in feedlots, where they are given antibiotics to stave off disease, and hormones to increase their growth at an unnatural rate. Cattle from these locations are also used to create bully sticks and other dog treats and chews. However, most of the cattle raised in Brazil and other parts of South America are free-ranging cattle, and the bully sticks created from them isn't subjected to the same hormones and antibiotics as those from the US, India, and China.In addition to being the leading supplier of cattle raised in a free-ranging environment, Brazil and the rest of South America have been recognized as the world's number one source of "Green Cattle" for years. The bully sticks, and other all natural dog treats and chews, created from these cattle are much healthier for you dogs.


Recalls Are a Factor

When the pet recalls swept through the US, many people turned to bully sticks because they were lead to believe that there were no recalls associated with the treat. This is only half true. While bully sticks, and really all treats and chews for dogs, from those cattle that are raised free-range like those in South America were free from the sweeping pet recalls, those created from cattle raised in the US, India, and China were still subject to the same pet recalls that caused panic amongst pet owners.Ours never involved with any recall!!


Do the Research

The best advice for finding the perfect all natural dog treats and bully sticks for your dog is to do some research. If you're buying from a store, look at the label and see where it comes from. If you're buying from an online retailer read their product description to see if they list where their bully sticks come from. If they don't, contact the company and ask them. Don't settle for less when it comes to picking out a bully stick for your dogs.

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