What is VG750?


VG750 is a natural remedy which is made from an herbal extract derived from the Cissus Quadrangularis plant which has been used by traditional healers throughout Asia, India and Africa for thousands of years. The extract which is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants has been used to treat myriad ailments such as; stomach ulcers, expedite the healing bone fractures, reducing swelling in joints and also for its analgesic properties which is comparable to aspirin and similar type anti-inflammatory medicines on a mg per mg dose basis. VG750 was designed to assist in the rehabilitation and protection of damaged cartilage. 



Does My Dog Need VG750


The simple answer - yes. We recommend a preventative maintenance dose of VG750 to maintain strong tendons, ligaments and muscles. Because over time during your dogs' normal daily activities such as running and playing, canine's will place stress upon their joints. The inability to produce proteogyeans inevitably leads to inflammation of the joint confirmation causing severe discomfort and eventually bone damage.



VG750 Dosage

Adolesant Maintanance:

  • 2-25lbs 1/2 tablet every other day
  • 26-50lbs 1/2 tablet daily
  • 50lbs+ 1 tablet daily

Senior Maintanance:

  • 2-25lbs 1/2 of 1 tablet daily
  • 26-50lbs 1 tablet daily
  • 50lbs+ 2 tablets daily



What Are The Benefits of VG750


VG750 was designed to assist in the rehabilitation and protection of damaged cartilage. Pain, tenderness and swelling are significantly reduced, due to the analgesic properties that are mg per mg same as aspirin or other ant-inflammatory drugs (which will enhance joint flexibility and mobility) without the harmful side effects associated with NSAIDS and Steroids. Studies have shown a 33% - 55% reduction in fracture healing time. Studies have also shown a 90% tensile strength in 6 weeks. VG750 was formulated to work gradually and naturally with your dogs system. No Loading phase is required. In most cases initial improvement may be noticed within 5 to 12 days, severe cases may take more time. VG750 is formulated with no fillers in a chewable beef flavored tablet with one beneficial ingredient and is rich in vitamin C and Beta-Carotene.



Is VG750 Safe For My Dog

Extensive studies have shown that the herbal extract Cissus Quadrangularis in VG750 is naturally accepted by the bodies’ glucocorticoid receptors which allows for the uninhibited distribution of the medicinal properties of VG750 to the effected areas without toxicity or adverse reaction.


Why Choose VG750


The herbal extract has been used for thousands of years for human ailments with great success and results. The herbal remedy was then introduced to athletes over half a decade ago throughout the world which produced incredible results for sports related joint pain and mobility problems. Nutra-9™ has taken this extract to another level and developed a superior human grade K-9 supplement unlike any other on the market today. VG750 is manufactured under the strictest of health and quality controlled conditions right here in the USAat a GMP certified and FDA approved plant.



How VG750 Works


While the key ingredient in VG750 expedites the rate of bone healing and dramatically increases tensile strength a fact which is scientifically amazing and is of great significance for K-9’s sufferingfrom broken bones and fractures it is the anti-glucocorticoid properties of Cissus Quadrangularis the key ingredient found in VG750 which is vital in maintaining strong joint conformation for the life of a K-9. Since endogenous glucocorticoids, particularly cortisol, are not only catabolic (deteriorate) to bone, which also catabolize (break down) muscle tissue as well. Numerous studies over the years have suggested that glucocorticoids, including the body’s endogenous hormone cortisol activate pathways that degrade not only bone, but skeletal muscle tissue as well. A recently published report documented exactly how glucocorticoids (including cortisol) induce muscle breakdown: They activate the so-called ubiquitin-proteasome pathway of proteolysis. This pathway of tissue breakdown is important for removing damaged and non-functional proteins. However, when it is overactive during periods of elevated cortisol release (e.g. disease states, stress from injury, and excessive exercise) excess amounts of normal tissue are broken down as well. By exerting an anabolic, anti-glucocorticoid effect, VG750 helps preserve muscle tissue during times of physical and mental stress acting as a glucocorticoid antagonist (inhibits the release of cortisol) in addition to the natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. VG750 promotes the ability for tendons, ligaments and connective tissue to heal faster. The fact is maintaining stronger muscle surrounding joint conformation minimizes the structural damage to the joints which inevitably leads to severe mobility issues as the age of the K-9 increases.







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