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Bed and Bedding

Nutra-9 offers a large selection of dog beds ranging from the basic crate mat to the luxury of Big Shrimpy beds. We also carry beds that offer heating and/or cooling options. High quality beds offer the same benefits as a mattress does for you, support and cushioning for joints (which is very beneficial in arthritic dogs) a comfortable retreat, just a place that is his/her own. If you were to sleep on hard floor all night you would wake in the morning achy and so does your dog. 


Bones, Chews and Bullysticks

We only offer what we trust and will give our own guys! We can happily say NONE of our products have never been involve in any type of recall. We hand select the companies we use and ask questions about the product.

Eye and Ear Care

Eye and Ear Care

Cleaning dog eyes and ears is easy with dog ear care products and ear cleaners from Nutra-9

Joint Care & Management

The World's Best joint management Supplment for Dogs!