5-6 inch Vanilla / Natural cheeky Rolls

$3.90 - $4.65
SKU: 0101010



Cheeky Rolls are not your everyday skinny Retriever Roll. Cheeky Rolls are 100% natural and made from soft, thick, easily digestible cow cheeks. Roughly 6 inches long in Vanilla or Natural flavor from free range South American cattle.


cheeky rolls are hard to keep in stock as they are very popular. If they are out of stock we will let you know and probably have an order already on its way to us!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Etha , 08/14/2013

These are the longest lasting chews for my dogs that I have found. I have two large Great Pyrenees Puppies (1 and 1/2 year old) they do need to chew, lots. One 6 inch chew lasts us a few days with "breaks" in between. They have never thrown up on these or had funky poop and do seem to enjoy them a lot.