About Us

Nutra-9 is a small, family owned business created out of love for dogs. When we realized we could provide a great herbal supplement for our aging dogs we were ecstatic to begin building the foundation of our business based on VG750. From there we started researching other products and decided to expand and offer the best quality dog products at a very competitive price. Honestly, we are not here to get rich, we understand how hard it is financially to provide for your pet these days. All products sold by Nutra-9 have to meet our standards as loving dog owners. For this reason we will continue to search out the best pet products and research them to see if they meet our standards. Our motto is "If its not good enough for our dogs, its not good enough for your loyal companion". When you need to call us, you will not be greeted by an automated service giving you seven different options. But being a small family owned business we can not get to the phone all the time, we do promise to return your phone call the same business day. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction!


Meet our family with us in life and  in spirit