About Us


In 2008, we created a small family owned business inspired by our love for dogs.  Our goal is to provide natural and healthy products that your dog will love. Nutra-9 focuses on chews, antlers, bones and joint management.  But we also carry collars, grooming treatments, life jackets, bedding, and ect.  All products sold by Nutra-9 have to meet our standards as loving dog owners.  




My family owned two Olde English Bulldogs named Titan and Athena.  At the age of seven Titan started showing signs of joint issues.  He didn't want to rough house with his sister, go for walks, nor even go down a flight of stairs.  Titan’s sister Athena tore her ACL and was diagnosed with a luxating patella.  She also started exhibiting the same issues at the age of 5.  After lots of research on herbal remedies that were specifically safe for dogs we discovered a plant called Cissus Quadrangularis now used in our supplement VG750.  Subsequently both dogs responded within 5-6 days more lively than ever.  They were wrestling/playing with each other, chasing balls, and going on walks.  We were amazed with the results and developed a supplement to aid other dogs with their recovery as well.