VG750 Testimonials



I brought VG750 into my practice last fall (9/2009) when there was a change over in the manufacturing of the product I was using and could no longer get that product. My clinic director contacted Nutra-9 and found out about VG750. We decided to give it a try. We have had great success with VG750. My clients come in and thank me. I have a 12 yr old collie that has a much better quality of life thanks to Nutra-9’s  VG750.  I have found that the dogs take it as a treat, owner compliance is high and repeat purchase is high. I’m pleased that we choose to bring this great new product into our hospital.


~Dr. Michael C. Fleck DVM of Bradenton, FL




We at Nutra-9 own two dogs Titan & Athena, both of which you will see through out the site. They are both on VG750 and have been on it for almost a year. I will start of by telling you Titan's story. Titan is an Olde English Bulldogge born in December of 2000. He is considered a large breed (95lbs) and a 5th generation cross of English Bulldog, American Bulldog and Bull Mastiff. About two years ago he started showing signs of arthritis, getting up lame and slow, not wanting to go for walks or down stairs or even really rough housing with Athena or myself. As a novice bodybuilder and dealing with joint pain myself, I have always had him on a regimen of Glucosamine, MSM & Chondroitin. He didn't seem to improve so I started looking for alternative solutions. 

Athena's story is a little different. She is also an Olde English Bulldogge, a little smaller and the age of seven (a fact she doesn't want me to mention). At birth her mother (a first timer) ATHENAwas a bit overzealous cleaning her and bit two toes off on her rear left leg, I know this sounds sad but it has never impaired her. The vets told us she would live a normal life but would end up with arthritis or back problems because the foot wouldn't grow at the same rate or possibly fully. Then at the age of two and a half she tore her ACL and was diagnosed with a luxating patella on the same knee but on the right side. We had the surgery and again were told that she would develop arthritis later on down the road. At around the age of five I started noticing the same signs, especially the limp after a long walk. And again we implemented the Glucosamine, MSM & Chondroitin regiment at an early age. We just never saw any signs that this was working with either dog.  Not wanting to go the way of NSAIDS,  I kept an eye out for alternatives. That is when I came across a natural herb that helped me with my joint pain in 4 days, so I hit the books and started  researching to see if it was safe for dogs. After determining that it is a safe herbal remedy for dogs we gave it a try on both of them. Both dogs responded in 5-6 days. We were going for 4am walks, wrestling, chasing sticks and balls. Amazed at the results, I decided to develop a pill - (VG750) for dogs to make it easier to administer and help as many pups as possible.

Dan McDonough
Developer of VG750 and Owner of family members Titan and Athena




A brief history as to how I met Winston's family. I first met Marc, Winston's owner at a large chain pet store while shopping with Titan one day. They came over to meet the big monster and after a 5 minute conversation I learned that they had a 7 year old Bulldog with severe arthritis. I explained to them that I just developed a new holistic supplement to help with joint management. He was very interested and wanted to get Winston started on it right away.Marc gave Winston his first dose of VG750 on Saturday Aug.30, 2008.

Please find email correspondence and home movies of Winston:



Monday 9/1/08

Just a quick update.

Been giving Winston 1 pill per day since Saturday and he thinks they're treats. He'll do tricks for them when he sees me take one out of the bottle.

Will give you another update a little later.




Hi Dan,

Wanted to give you an update and am sending you a number of MPG files of Winston's progress. My wife (Chris) and I believe we've seen a marked difference in Winston's mobility the short while he has been on the supplements.


The file attached is from 9/1/2008 and illustrates his unwillingness to mobilize himself because of the severe condition of his joints. Winston suffers from advancing arthritis as well as a severe undetermined skin allergy.

My wife and I were reluctant to have him undergo any further surgery because we had him go through putting a wire on a rear knee and, typical to bulldogs, he did not tolerate the anesthesia well and he had a very lengthy recovery time. In addition, for his joint issues, we did not want to use any of the stronger medications because of the know side effects. Since Winston is already on medication for his allergies, we didn't want to compound the situation with any interaction issues.

Take a look at this first video of Winston on his first day the VG750.




Tuesday 9/5/08

Second clip of Winston only 4 days after starting the VG 750. Winston is now able to walk down the stairs unassisted which was extremely difficult for him only 4 days earlier. We very carefully watch Winston's weight to keep him under 55 pounds to reduce the strain on his joints. Up till this point he was taking just one VG750 per day.



Monday 9/8/08

Hi Dan,

I am starting to see some significant change in Winston's walking. I am giving the big guy 1 1/2 tablets per day and he seems much less stiff. He still has the shoulder slippage (that's something that can't really be corrected) but it doesn't seem to bother him nearly as much. He actually walks outside without being coaxed along and walks around the house rather than sleeping his life away.

The last couple of days he has actually been playing with our 6 month old puppy. I think these are all significant advances in his behavior. I definitely believe this is attributed to the medication.







Winston still going strong and loving VG750!



Braega is my 9-1/2 year old Boxer girl.  After many tests and different medications she has been diagnosed with poly-arthritis.  Basically arthritis in all her joints, she was swollen and in pain.  I didn't want to use standard medications on her since she is a boxer so I did some research on natural medications.  VG750 had good reviews and was natural so I gave it shot.  I purchased 4 months worth.  At this time Braega was also getting acupuncture and a pain killer (until we could get it under control).  I used all the VG750 and decided not to refill to find out what medications are really helping her.  After about 3 days I noticed a difference in her walking and getting up-she was struggling.  I purchased more VG750; she was back to normal, well as normal as she will be at this stage of her life.  I have been giving them to her ever since and she eats them as if they were a treat.  I would recommend VG750 to all animals to help with arthritis.


Hi Dan,
Here is Tanner, age 6, pure-bred German Shepherd. He weighs about 115. He had ulnar dysplasia at 11 months and had to have bilateral ulnar osteotomies and both joints cleaned up. He can limp at the drop of a hat, if he plays too hard, if he trips, etc. At the time I found your product VG 750, he was limping badly from over playing. I had him on aspirin 2 buffered adult per day. I started him on your product immediately after I got it. It took a while for it to work and I had to keep him on aspirin in conjunction with the VG750 for a time, perhaps a month. Since then he has done very well. He is not limping, he does not require aspirin. He plays hard with balls outside and is moving just fine at this time. I am thrilled for him because he loves to play ball more than life itself. Thank you for your product VG 750. We are grateful.


Lynn Ford





About 2 months ago (10/3/08)- I was on a bulldog website and saw information on Nutra-9 and the VG750 product so i decided to try it. I received it about 2 weeks ago and began giving it to Maisy. BOY WHAT A CHANGE!! She as running and playing again. I can't thank you enough Dan for this product. I felt so helpless at times because I couldn't help Maisy's pain and now, by the photo, you can tell she is feeling good!

Jenifer (TX)


I have two little old man puppies.Pooh is a pedigree toy poodle, and Psycho is a mix Papillion rescued from a shelter. They are both 10 years old.Pooh had surgery on his hip to place it back into the socket after he literally barked it out. He has a lot of joint pain from this now that he is older. Psycho has always had some problems with his back and hips, we think that he was abused. We call him Psycho because when we visited him he was so sweet and scared, however on the drive home from the shelter he growled and showed his teeth. His first week he had bitten everyone in our family (there are 5 of us). When he wasn't growling and biting us, he was sweet and loved to play fetch for hours and sit on our laps and cuddle. Over the years, his back problems have worsened, he stopped playing, he will get the ball and sit down with it but that is about it. Our vet suggested that we put him on Previcox. This was great for the first year and a half, and through the spring and summer worked well, when fall and winter and the cold weather set in it really seamed as if it wasn't working at all, he seemed to be in pain if he was touched, even his breathing sounded as if he was whimpering. I searched the internet for pain medications for arthritic dogs and found your web sight.At $50 a month for the Previcox, I was relieved to see the price difference! I began giving 1/2 a pill to Psycho. Being a small finicky dog I have to crush up the pill and mix it in with his gourmet dog food. I did notice about two weeks into giving him the VG 750 that he was improving even as the weather got colder. Now after a month and a half he is playing some fetch and jumping onto the couch (our bed is still too high). I started giving the other half to Pooh who has also gained a better quality of life. Granted it didn't turn either one of them into a puppy again, but the mobility and quality of life they have now is so much better, thank you for offering a great product at a great price.


Dear Dan and Kelly,

  My partner and I met you at the CT Pet Expo back in October 2008 and purchased the VG750 product to try with our senior Brittany mix dog Sophie. I had been hoping for an alternative to giving her Rimadyl pain medicine known to cause liver damage. She suffers from Cushing ’s disease of the adrenal kind with elevated liver functions along with the arthritis and joint disease. She was becoming disengaged and was obviously suffering, crying whenever we tried to pet her she’d choose to run away and stay on her bed.

  I could easily see what a difference VG750 made in Sophie’s affect as she was moving around easier in a week’s time and within two week’s time she was more engaged and wasn’t crying out in pain as much. At 14.5 yo she seeks out attention, is energized, allows us to massage her, and she’s bouncing around like she is years younger, even playing with her 4.5 yo 100# bully breed brother Champ! We started giving VG750 to Champ to help support his joints as he has hip dysplasia and a damaged ACL, due for upcoming knee surgery – he appears to be in less discomfort with the VG750.

  The most wonderful thing is that Sophie’s vet was amazed at how well she was doing at her last checkup. We showed him your product and he seemed impressed that she was no longer taking the Rimadyl for pain. I am convinced that eliminating Rimadyl has helped improve her liver functions.

  Including VG750 into Sophie’s regime has definitely made a tremendous different. I am so thrilled to see Sophie enjoying a quality life!


  Tisha R.



Sophie (RIP) and Champ still enjoying a good quality of life!


I want to thank you for this product. Within three days of taking my 13 year old dog off Rimadyl (at the owners own discretion not ours) and putting her on VG750, she had more energy, she lost her "vertigo" symptoms, and she hasn't missed once jumping onto my (very high) bed. I have told every dog owner I know about this. It is great!!!!

.....The vet and I believe she is about 13 at this point.  She started to have some trouble about 5 months ago and the vet put her on a low dose of Rimadyl.  When I went to the Pet Show in Hartford and met you guys, I though I might as well give your product a try as I use multiple herbs myself for health reasons (Lyme Disease).  Oma had been quite off balance on the Rimadyl, almost like she had a bit of vertigo.  She still wasn’t jumping up on my bed, which had always been her special place.  When I started her on the VG750, within three to four days, I saw a difference.  She wasn’t as off balance and she started jumping up on the bed again.  She seemed to have more energy also.  She hasn’t missed getting up on the bed once in the past two months on your product and her vertigo symptoms are completely gone.  She even wants to run and play once in a while (which is rare for her).  I really feel your product is the reason for her renewed energy and comfort.  Since I got her so late in life and the first 10 years of her life were not too good, I am thrilled to be able to give her more quality time without pain.  Thanks so much.



I wanted to let you know that OMA is still going strong. She had recent surgery and the vet determined that she is actually two years older than we thought, she is around 15, not 13. She has a brain tumor that gives her infrequent (thankfully) seizures, but other than that, she's still healthy and happy. VG750 helps her every day to stay pain free and agile. She's a lot slower than she was, but she still takes two walks a day and spends as much time in her backyard as she can. Thanks again for your great product that is helping to keep her with me as long as possible.

I am heartbroken to tell you that Oma succumbed to her brain tumor on November 14, 2009.  She was still going strong at almost 16 years old, walking every day, enjoying her backyard, and accepting everything life threw at her with grace and honor.  She was fine on Wednesday, but suddenly, Thursday, she just wasn’t there anymore.  She forgot to eat, didn’t remember how to go down the steps, and though her body still worked beautifully, her mind was no longer available.  I had to make the decision to put her down on Saturday.  It broke my heart!!!!!  I want to thank you for your product, VG 750.  I know in my heart that it was one of the major reasons that she lived to her ripe old age and that her quality of life right up to the end was wonderful.  I miss her every day.  Four days ago, I took on a 5 year old Brittany.  We all think Oma sent her to me, as she also was found on the streets of Newington.  She is totally different than Oma, but that’s ok.No one could ever replace her.  Thanks again.  I will put this little girl on the VG750 as soon as I know her tummy has calmed down from all the food changes she has endured.  You guys are the best.






Hi Dan
I was one of the many people who talked to you about my dog Bear and her hip and cruciate ligament surgery (both knees) at the RI Pet Expo.
Need to tell you that it sure seem that Bear has taken to the VG750 - she is walking up the stairs better and even venturing out into the back yard to pee and poop.
I passed on 5 of the pills to a friend at work whose 17 year old poodle was having trouble. She called me into the office today and told me that "Teddy" is up and about and only after 6 days.
I have just ordered two bottles, one for her for Teddy and another for us for Bear.
I thank you and your wife for taking the time to talk with us and show me the video.
I will keep you posted on Bears progress.
Thanks again,
Tina H

Hi Dan
I was one of the many people who talked to you about my dog Bear and her hip and cruciate ligament surgery (both knees) at the RI Pet Expo. Need to tell you that it sure seem that Bear has taken to the VG750 - she is walking up the stairs better and even venturing out into the back yard to pee and poop. I passed on 5 of the pills to a friend at work whose 17 year old poodle was having trouble. She called me into the office today and told me that "Teddy" is up and about and only after 6 days. I have just ordered two bottles, one for her for Teddy and another for us for Bear. I thank you and your wife for taking the time to talk with us and show me the video (Winston). I will keep you posted on Bears progress.
Thanks again,
Tina H.

Bear is doing well, she will be 11 on June 15 and even though she is not running all over, she gets around fine.
We have a new dog, a one year old Yorkie and she and Bear are the best of pals. Bear will actually try to chase her all over!

Hello Dan
I just wanted to let you know that last week Bear went down the back stairs and tripped over our other dog Bella's leash.
She refused to walk more than 4 steps.......I was heartbroken.
I decided to up her pills to 3 a day - just to see what happened. is Bear from today in the back yard.
Last week she had to be helped down the stairs to pee and today she is going to the back yard......and not wanting to come in.
She LOVES the snow and was always my "shoveling buddy".
When I went out to shovel, she would be there with me, eating and playing in all the white stuff.
Today when I went out with her and started doing the walk.....she headed for the back and sat there as if to say "that's it?".
I had to go to her and yes, she walked the whole way with no help.
Just wanted to let you know how things went - I think she will stay on the 3 pills from now on!
Talk to you later.......Tina