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Here at Nutra-9 we have tried many antlers to find what we feel are the best. Antlers are graded into 3 categories A,B and C. The A's are fresh this year drops that have no seasoning, meaning they are nice and brown and have not been out in the elements which makes them softer than what we want to give our chews. Grade B's or hard whites (They are brown and white). These are what we love to sell and give our guys! The have been dropped and seasoned (out in the elements) for almost a year. This making them a harder chew equaling a longer lasting antler to chew on! As for C's, well we do not even like to talk about them. The are the worst, they are severely cracked (fine cracks are ok and normal but C's are heavily cracked) and chalky (dry). Chalky means that to the touch it feels like you just ran your hand down a chalk  board. WE DO NOT CARRY THESE AT ALL. There are people who will sell these to you cheap and one large company out there that sells them at a premium price, but the are dangerous and garbage!

Elk Antlers


$25.00 - $36.00
Monster Elk Antlers
moose baton
Moose Antlers

Straight from Maine!!!